Tattoo Series

I started shooting this Limited Tattoo Series over a year ago. My initial goal was to challenge myself; to take a topic viewed by some as taboo or even distasteful and to present it to a mainstream audience in a pure form. In doing so I realized that, there is more to it than meets the eye. It is not just skin-deep. Some spend millions of dollars on ancient swirls of paint and hang them on their walls or lock them in vaults. Some spend small fortunes on cars, bikes and statues. Tattoo enthusiasts are no different. They spend much less collecting truly one-of-a-kind art, custom commissioned and instead of hanging it on a wall, they wear it on their skin. They are Curators of Art. Through this series, I wish to share with you, my perspective through this journey. I hope you find it inspiring, and if you do, it would be my humble pleasure to have one of my limited canvas prints on your wall.

This page will catalog all the limited prints from this series. Check back from time to time as I slowly release more prints from this series.

Limited Tattoo Series - Wild Things - 22 x 48 inches

Limited Tattoo Series – Wild Things – 22 x 48 inches

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