Limited Print – Mono Lake Sunset

Mono Lake Sunset over the Sierras

Subject Mono Lake Sunset (sunset over the Sierras)
Edition Size Limited to 10 prints
Personally inspected and signed by photographer
Format 6 foot wide, high resolution panoramic
Medium Durable high quality fine art canvas print, laminated, stretched and mounted on 1.5 inch frame
Price $600 USD
Shipping and handling included to continental USA.
Please contact me for all other destinations.

Mono Lake is a world of juxtaposition. It is serene, tranquil, eerily beautiful, so far from civilization and wild. At the same time, it is painful and wreaks of desperation, not unlike death itself. Nature here is callous, hardened if not lifeless. I do mean hardened in every way. Every bush, plant, and twig is literally petrified alive thanks to the extremely high concentration of minerals in and around the lake. The Tufa featured here in the foreground are perhaps the most beautiful feature to witness. Enjoy this piece of a magnificent landscape with this ultra high resolution limited print. You can step back and take it all in or step up and see every crack, crevice and bump on every Tufa.

All Limited Prints are produced on a high quality canvas process, laminated to provide a very long vibrant life, carefully stretched and mounted on a sturdy wood frame 1.5 inches deep with black edges. Framing is not required as your canvas comes ready to hang with everything you need. The soft matte finish and canvas textures guarantee great viewing from all angles with little to no reflections or the glare you’ll find with traditional photo paper process and glass framing.

Only 10 copies of this panoramic will be printed. I personally inspect, sign and number all prints before delivering or shipping them to you. Because of the various processes involved and shipping, please allow 3 to 6 weeks. Shipping is free with all Limited Prints. If you are ready to purchase your own limited print, please click the [Buy Now] button above. Purchasing is handled safely and securely through PayPal. You can also contact me if you’d like to pay by check or cash in person.

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